Satellite Hotel Kampala


After a whole days work, our unique level of customer service and extra touch we give your body will give you the highest level of relaxation. Satellite hotel offers different massages services which include:-

Swedish massage
This relaxation focused session is what most people think of first when they think about massage. Therapists use a sequence of long gliding strokes, kneads and circular motions to help ease shallow tension in the muscles.
Aromatherapy may be added to enhance relaxation.
Besides helping to relax the muscles and ease superficial tension, Swedish massage may also help boost circulation throughout the body.

Body scrubs
Body scrubs are physical exfoliates that mechanically slough away dead skin cells. The feel of a scrub typically comes from a combination of salt and or sugar that is suspended in an oil base.
As with all exfoliates, the goal of a body scrub is to remove the dead skin cells and encourage the healthy production of new ones. This type of mechanical exfoliation not only smooth and polishes the skin but also draws out impurities.

Deep tissue massage
As its name suggests, deep tissue massage aims to relieve tension in the deeper layers of muscle tissue and fascia. Because of this, it uses more intense kneading techniques than the Swedish.
Deep tissue massage is ideal for releasing chronic tension and may also help improve range of motion.

Aromatherapy massage is the type of Swedish massage that uses essential oils(highly concentrated plant oils ). Its main focus is relaxation and mindfulness.
The main benefits of the aromatherapy massage are reduction of stress and anxiety, decrease in muscle tension and pain relief. It also helps to reduce the symptoms of depression, control of inflammation and help with headaches.

Sports massage
Specifically designed with athletics in mind, sports massage is a variation on the Swedish massage that aims to address aches cause by repetitive motion and make active people make a quicker recovery from stress and injury.
Quicker workout recovery times, better range of motion, and improved performance are just a few of the benefits reported by those who receive regular sports massages.

Hot stone massage
Rather than relying solely on their hands to work out stubborn knots, the massage therapist places heated basalt stones on the back melt tight areas.
Besides helping to relieve tense areas, the heat from the stones can help improve blood flow.

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